Terms of Use & Privacy

The following information details the terms and conditions the user automatically agrees to by using this website as well as our rules regarding privacy. If you have questions regarding the information below or if you want to report an issue to us, please refer to the contact page.

Terms of Use

The content and services on bigmike-productions.com are provided free of charge and anyone above the age of 13 is welcome to use the site. Some of the content on this website may be inappropriate for younger viewers.

Comments are welcomed by our users. However, comments that include racist or degrading content are not tolerated and will be edited or deleted by an administrator. Repeat offenders will be warned or have their accounts disabled or deleted. Particularly persistent abusers will have their IP's blocked or have other measures taken against them.


bigmike-productions.com values privacy and recognizes the necessity that user information be kept confidential. bigmike-productions.com does not share or sell any user info with third parties or other organizations. All personal user information collected on bigmike-productions.com is used only to help bulid the community and to improve the site through internal measurements and other methods. bigmike-productions.com does not automatically collect this data. A user must willingly register on bigmike-productions.com in order for the data to be logged into the system.

When a user registers on bigmike-productions.com, they must provide an email address which is used to complete and verify the registration process as well as for features such as account & password recovery, etc. The emails of registered users are only used for these types of features as well as if ever we need to contact you with regards to a specific matter. We do not bombard users with marketing materials or other types of spam.

Each user on bigmike-productions.com has a 'Profile' that consists of information entered at the time of their registration or after registering. The profile can be updated at will by each individual user. A user's profile can be viewed by other registered members. Unauthenticated users cannot view user profiles. If a user wishes to hide his/her information from other users, settings exist in their profile page which allow them to completely hide their profile, or specific information from their profile, such as email address, etc.

Aside from the aforementioned personal user data, bigmike-productions.com collects other types of data for internal purposes, typically analytical data. Examples of some of the types of information collected include the user's browser name and version number, the country the user's computer is located in, referral and keyword data, etc. bigmike-productions.com may also store cookies on a user's machine to help personalize or improve the user experience.

While we desire and strive to protect personal data, we can make no absolute guarantees about the security of the personal information you disclose online. Therefore, disclosure of such information is at your own risk.