Limitless is Entertainingly Stupid

March 28, 2011
Limitless is Entertainingly Stupid

Riding off the success of previous hits like The Hangover (2009), star Bradley Cooper cashes in his recent popularity on his first vehicle; Limitless (2011). A slick and well executed rags to riches story about a struggling writer who is given a special drug allowing his body to access 100% of his brain, whereby seemingly impossible tasks such as writing the ultimate American novel and sleeping with women using a few pick up lines are now within reach.

Had the star of the film been a lesser actor, the movie would have crumbled on its ludicrous premise. However Cooper’s commanding presence and charisma makes it almost impossible to resist the idea that a poor and broken soul can achieve anything he wants by the pop of a pill. Based on the box office results, it is a fantasy that mass audiences have not minded to indulge in. The movie is elevated by the presence of a strong supporting cast, most notably, the great Robert Deniro in another one of his by the pay check performances.

The film sometimes asks the audience to really stretch their suspension of disbelief, which in some cases took me completely out of the experience, but the movie still holds together by a slick exterior that moves along at a fast pace. Limitless is a diversifying little film that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

— BigMike

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